Construction and Building Consultancy Company

We engaged Kaleidoscope after meeting with Richard and discussing what we believed to be a competitive and thorough quote. Richard was approachable and honest from the start. He considered our plans and provided feedback and advice.

Work began as scheduled and despite the scale of the works we were surprised by how little we were impacted. Richard and his workers were respectful of our space and our property and at the end of each day cleaned and tidied away. With two very young children living through this project such care was essential to our quality of life.

Kaleidoscope has an excellent team. They tolerated our sometimes naive questions and entertained the endless chatter of excited toddlers. The team kept us informed at every stage and accommodated our needs for access to the house when necessary. In order to meet deadlines and schedules they worked tirelessly and we appreciated their good nature on such challenging days.

The quality of the work completed was second to none. Richard has an exceptional eye for detail and would not allow for any corners to be cut. An example of this was with the curvature of our fencing. Work had to be redone because he was dissatisfied with the look achieved with the first efforts. The results of the whole project were beyond what we had imagined. To say we are thrilled with the outcome is an understatement.

We would have absolutely no hesitations in recommending Richard and his team from Kaleidoscope.

Adrian and Lee Ursino
24 Hawthorn Parade
NSW 2045

Date:4th July 2015