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The Security of Payment Act NSW 1999 and BCIPA QLD 2004 are designed to protect the fiscal rights of suppliers of materials and professional services to the Building industry and include building suppliers, architects, engineers and interior designers. Head developers, builders, contractors, sub-contractors and owner-builders for Investment purposes that have a licence number for cross claims against non-payment of invoices that are disputed. Kaleidoscope Construction & Building Consultancy provides a full service for the collation of evidence and the submission to the Adjudication process under these acts.

Although the Act was designed to be relatively simple, it still can be somewhat confusing even to people in the industry. For example it is important to put the evidence together in such a way that it can be easily understood, with clear and concise details of how the dispute has arisen. With Richard’s 21-year local knowledge of the industry, he can formulate this material into a sequence of events, coupled with the necessary evidence to produce a detailed account of the claim. He understands how to prepare the documentation for submitting to your debtors right up to applying for an adjudication hearing.

Lawyers understand the law and know how to prepare the case to be put before a court of law. However very rarely do Lawyers understand the intricate nature of how the changing building rules and day-to-day practices of the construction industry work.

With a vast understanding of building techniques and trades, Richard has an extensive and in-depth knowledge of the issues that can arise in the building industry, particularly in regard to non-payment of monies owed to builders, contractors and suppliers from head builders, developers and investment property owner/builders. Combine this knowledge with Richard’s comprehensive understanding of the Security of Payment Act NSW and how it can be applied and he is one party you want on your side.

To date, Richard has a 100% record to date representing several different companies and businesses using the Act. This enviable record extends to large companies, as well as small builders and contractors who have had orders made against them to pay the disadvantaged parties the monies owed or part thereof. Richard has won close to $2 million dollars for these parties.

From document preparation, starting the claim and gathering information through to formulating material and advising on important time frames, Richard knows how to save you money.

The modest charges involved in this are $250 p/h (incl. GST) for claims over $15,000 and $200 p/h for claims under $15,000. A deposit of $1,000 is required before commencement of works and if this is used up then another goodwill payment will be required to ensure the work can be completed. Any residual monies are of course refunded to you on completion of the matter. A minimum four hour fee applied per assignment.

To date, Richard Jones has had a 100% success rate managing actions and claims under The Security of Payment Act NSW and The BCIPA QLD. We encourage you to read the Consultancy Testimonials to see exactly how Richard can help you with your claim.

Richard offers an initial 1 hour consultation FREE.

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