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Need more space? Every homeowner says “YES!” to that question. A growing family, a desire for privacy, or a place to sit in the sun and enjoy the view – when can I start it? With Kaleidoscope Construction & Building Consultancy, it’s easy.

The Eastern Suburbs has solid homes that look stunning once they’ve had a make-over. These are houses that were built for a different era, in suburbs like such as Bondi, Double Bay, Rose Bay, Elizabeth Bay, Darlinghurst, Paddington, Coogee and Randwick.

What comes next?

First you’ll need some ideas – what’s possible, should I extend or renovate, how big can I make it? That’s where we can help. We work with the Eastern Suburb Councils on a daily basis, so we can give the right advice – before you start! There’s nothing worse than submitting a set of plans that the Council rejects.

Kaleidoscope Construction & Building Consultancy really are the masters in home renovations and home additions, and there’s so much advice we can give you. We’ll help you with all the key decisions.

  • How much room do you need?
  • How do we get the best aspect?
  • What building style is best for the finish?
  • Are there balconies, decks, light wells, the staircase?
  • Do you want to renovate the roofline?
We’ll listen to your ideas, advise whether they are feasible, and suggest variations that will work – then give you a fixed cost for the work – it all becomes so easy, you’ll wonder why you delayed for so long.
Home Renovations, home extensions and home additions in the Eastern Suburbs
  • Bondi
  • Double Bay
  • Rose Bay
  • Elizabeth Bay
  • Darlinghurst
  • Paddington
  • Coogee
  • Randwick
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For more information about Kaleidoscope Construction & Building Consultancy or to arrange a 100% obligation-free quotation, please call Richard on 0419 416 040 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.